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Wolf 240 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 240 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf Alternate 144 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf Alternate 144 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 1 0 Wolf 239 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 239 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 5 Wolf Alternate 143 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf Alternate 143 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1
I'll be Going to Prison Soon
I own several guns. Most of them have been modified with aftermarket parts to make them more accurate.
Custom triggers, muzzle brakes, heavier recoil springs, polished slide rails, modified magazines to make feeding smoother and more reliable.
All of which, incidentally, allow me to fire more rapidly, by anywhere from 5-10%.
Under the so-called Bump Stock Ban, all of these modifications would become illegal.
In order to avoid criminal charges and prison time, loss of my property through asset forfeiture, etc., I will have to restore these firearms to factory original condition and destroy the parts.
Not happening.
Anything that you do to make a firearm more accurate will also make it faster to fire.
I'm going to prison, because I'm a target shooter who wants his firearms to be as accurate as possible.
And the ban is stupid. You can bump fire without any extra equipment or modifications at all. No
:iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 0
Wolf 238 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 238 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf Alternate 142 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf Alternate 142 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 1 2 Wolf 237 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 237 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf Alternate 141 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf Alternate 141 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf 236 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 236 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf Alternate 140 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf Alternate 140 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf 235 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 235 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf Alternate 139 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf Alternate 139 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 2 Wolf 234 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 234 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf Alternate 138 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf Alternate 138 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 1 Wolf 233 by Cat-man-dancing Wolf 233 :iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 0 6

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Mohawk by Coralone Mohawk :iconcoralone:Coralone 6 2
I'm that girl that sat on the corner seat of the back row of the classroom. The girl whom everybody kept away from just because of the way she looked and how different she appeared to be. Everyday her personality and her self confidence grew dim. That bright flashing light, slowly fading away.
I'm that girl whom you thought was just a loser and didn't want any friends.
As, I cannot explain myself now, having to live everyday, being beaten.
Abused, terrified, for almost every second of my day.
Even though school was a horror, in a terrible way, it was a cause to escape my terrible life.
I kept real quite in school. I just kept to myself. Never told a soul. Now, I regret that fact and have to face so many years of silence. The growing pain each day brought to me. I'm still pretty silent, keeping to myself. Holding onto my feelings as best I can.
If for one second I let myself feel, I am doomed. I cannot gain control of them. My feelings are like a whole person, another person inside of m
:iconbexify:bexify 5 7
Assassin by Coralone
Mature content
Assassin :iconcoralone:Coralone 1 0
cradle me by cupcake-carnage cradle me :iconcupcake-carnage:cupcake-carnage 18 12 Flower colour o_O by Manjimaru Flower colour o_O :iconmanjimaru:Manjimaru 31 29 Kiss Me You Fool by WildSpiritWolf Kiss Me You Fool :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 846 57 White in pink. xD by Loveless-Lovebird White in pink. xD :iconloveless-lovebird:Loveless-Lovebird 2 4 Mist has encircled the lake by lavrentij6lavinija Mist has encircled the lake :iconlavrentij6lavinija:lavrentij6lavinija 11 12 Ascend by Coralone
Mature content
Ascend :iconcoralone:Coralone 3 1
Sllep Forever
--Sleep Forever--
I want to sleep forever.
No longer in pain-
Safe from the blisters and burns.
I want to disappaer;
To become the smoke that will arise from my corpse,
Or the blood that forever dyes the ground crimson.
I want to be safe.
Taken away from the injustice,
Away from the geneocide.
But I don't want to be alone.
Even in eternal darkness,
I want Death to walk beside me-
Hold my hand and lead me away.
I'll leave you here,
If I can also leave the torture and nightmares.
I'll forget about you,
If it means I'll forget the faces of the burned and gassed-
Those countless tortured souls whom Death finally took long after they died.
...Don't worry, though. I won't forget.
Not even when I can sleep forever.
:icondjlee6:djlee6 2 6
OMG-A SKOOL PIC OF ME by Emowannacookie OMG-A SKOOL PIC OF ME :iconemowannacookie:Emowannacookie 4 78 WHAT? by SashaSherons WHAT? :iconsashasherons:SashaSherons 2 16 Amadeus - Faustus Art by Kat-Aclysm Amadeus - Faustus Art :iconkat-aclysm:Kat-Aclysm 3 5 Uruha by Adamaris Uruha :iconadamaris:Adamaris 25 33 Soft Blonde by Manjimaru Soft Blonde :iconmanjimaru:Manjimaru 74 37


Wolf 240
From my webcomic, The Gentle Wolf.
This story is the main one, it begins with the Kathy talking to Aaron.
But the pages you see here are older than the ones at my webcomic.
So if you want to see the latest comics, you'll have to go there.
Or of you want to read it from the beginning.
If you like, you can vote for me at:…
For my diehard fans (if there are any) you can vote everyday.
Help me stay motivated.
Wolf Alternate 144
From my webcomic, The Gentle Wolf.
This story is below the main story. It starts with the cheerleaders.
But the pages you see here are older than the ones at my webcomic.
So if you want to see the latest comics, you'll have to go there.
Or of you want to read it from the beginning.
If you like, you can vote for me at:…
For my diehard fans (if there are any) you can vote everyday.
Help me stay motivated.
One madman who sank inside of himself to become a monster.
Name known around the world.
Many everyday people who stepped outside of themselves to become heroes.
Names known only to a few.…
No further comment.
Wolf 239
From my webcomic, The Gentle Wolf.
This story is the main one, it begins with the Kathy talking to Aaron.
But the pages you see here are older than the ones at my webcomic.
So if you want to see the latest comics, you'll have to go there.
Or of you want to read it from the beginning.
If you like, you can vote for me at:…
For my diehard fans (if there are any) you can vote everyday.
Help me stay motivated.


United States
Unnecessary. You all know who I am. At least, those of you who run away screaming do.

Current Residence: Savannah GA
Print preference: Ariel bold, 14pt
Favourite genre of music: depends on mood
Favourite photographer: Too many to pick one
Favourite style of art: realistic, hiding in the shadows
Operating System: Linux
Shell of choice: Tortioshell Calico
Wallpaper of choice: Too many bookshelves to see it.
Skin of choice: Dusky, although oriental girls are beautiful, also
Favourite cartoon character: Betty Cooper
Personal Quote: "The heck with this, I want to live!"
This artist's statement appeared at the bottom of one of my favorite webcomics:

"Warning: political opinions follow. Don't @ me, don't email me to argue or complain, I won't read it"

"It's election day tomorrow in the USA and we have a choice between electing the first female president or a racist, sexist sociopath. We have a chance to show the world that we are better than our worst impulses by rejecting Donald Trump and everything he stands for. It is my hope that we can all come together and do the right thing."

This is a small representation of everything that is wrong with Liberals today.

1) I never even knew he was political, much less a willfully ignorant Liberal
    (Although that is the natural outcome of liberal beliefs).
2) He appears to believe that the only qualification for the Presidency is a
    vagina, which nullifies any other possible qualification such as honesty, integrity,
    respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, or the citizenry.
3) He also appears to believe that Mr. Trump has absolutely no good qualities or ideas
    ("rejecting Donald Trump and everything he stands for").
4) In his preface, he says that he will not read any dissenting opinion. He seems to
    believe that he holds the key to all truths, and thus has no need to pay attention
    to any concept which is in disagreement with what he already "knows" to be true.
    Poor soul, he will never grow, nor ever learn anything new.
5) Almost forgot because it's so freaking common with Liberals: He demonizes everyone
    that he disagrees with using the most vile, abusive name calling.  "a racist, sexist sociopath".
    No meaningful discussion is possible with someone who believes that is acceptable.

I have a webcomic of my own. It has a Conservative slant, and it says so right at the top!
It's called being honest.
I read his webcomic because it was funny, not so that I could roll around in his political crap like a dog in it's own vomit. But now that he's shown his contempt and disdain for people like me, and his willingness to outright lie and distort to demonstrate it, his comic won't be funny anymore.
This will be the second webcomic that I've stopped reading because of the blatant display of hatred for people who do not believe exactly as the author does.


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robnotstanley Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
 since i did not see the wedding photo here..  could you link it,   please.
an i thought i saw all your art
Michael2K17 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
So, it would appear as though you and Kajm are trying to conspire against me and aware of trying to see if either of you can get under my skin. If only you knew of everything I've been through in my life, maybe we could come to understand and appreciate one another. But, since I'm the bigger man, I'll admit something to you that I've never admitted to anyone before in my entire life: I don't know everything. I'm flawed. Imperfect. And am just trying to bring a smile to the faces of those I come across. So, if you truly want to know who I really am, I would start by at least taking a look at my page and looking at my art instead of bashing me for what I believe in, my Earth Brother. So, if you really want to get to know the real me, I'd say you could start by understanding my life in general. I didn't like your words you and Kajm shared towards me. And, as best as I can put it, I hate when people are too blinded by hate to understand my passions and what truly drives me as a man, man. So, in conclusion, you may try to block or ban or even berate me. But, I'll always be there waiting and waiting until my time to ounce and add to the conversation has arrived. So, 

In some way or another, 

I'm not sorry for being a Leftist Slave or having other Leftist Slaves like myself gather together in order to combat Trump and everything he believes in. All I'm doing is gathering like minded people such as myself together so that we have a chance to have something to believe in. 


Your Special Friend, 


My middle name in French is "Fox", by the way. I love you. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. ✌🏽️, ❤️, and Positivity.
What the hell are you talking about? The only thing I've ever "conspired" with Kajm about is my webcomic.
I reserve the term "love" for people that I know personally, who have earned it. The way you throw around words like "love" and "brother" render them meaningless.
Trust me, you're not important enough for Kajm and me to waste any time discussing, much less "conspiring" against.
Kajm Featured By Owner Edited Oct 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
He figured he needed to explain 'Renard'? I wonder, does he know the origin and meaning of 'Leroy'? Who does he think he is speaking Down to?

Besides which he is apparently a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
Cat-man-dancing Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
I thought Renard was a fox, waaay back in British folklore from before the Roman times...
Can't be a typo.
I mean, the "N" key is not that close to the "T" key on a keyboard.
(1 Reply)
WolfBlitz2 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017…
felt like sharing this with you
robnotstanley Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
umm  ill post here,, if you dont wanna answer on the comic site,,..  is Missy Wicca / pagan ??  saw her wearing  the pentacle at the formal dinner..!
if so kewl,,  if not  awww  but ok...
Cat-man-dancing Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
Nah, that outfit was designed by Elena and Nicki.
It's just decoration.
Kajm Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday!
Cat-man-dancing Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017
Thank you.
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